Deconstructing and Reconstructing Truths

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Project Description

The creations of @projetokompor are deep and rich in meaning, and while there are commonalities between the pieces, the relationship between the images is not inherently clear, nor is the message that they carry. This study uses qualitative coding, collocation analysis, statistical betweenness centrality analysis, and literature reviews to analyze @projetokompor’s collages using a grounded theory approach. Given the findings, it can be inferred that @Projetokompor’s collages deconstruct our understandings of the youth identity and the human relation to the natural environment through the surreal juxtaposition of size, colour, and the natural and manmade worlds, therefore changing our notions of what our truths and realities about people and nature are.


Jillian does not own rights to any of @projectokompor's work, and the sample images were used purely for research purposes. 

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