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An adventure in new media. The online persona of Andrew since 2011. Gobrinz was once the host of Nerd Gamer News, a gaming news show exclusively on YouTube. Nerd Gamer News was a partner of The Game Station (now Polaris). The show was discontinued in 2015 when Gobrinz decided to focus on more niche gaming content, in partnership with The Gaming Network at the time. Destiny, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy XIV, and select reviews were a staple of Gobrinz’ channel until 2017 when he decided to transition to streaming more on Twitch - a platform dedicated to gaming content. This would lead him to opportunities with Canada Cup 2019 and Salt Flats 2020 as a primary broadcaster. Today, he streams select games throughout the week as an independent and Memory Express influencer. He continues to upload livestream highlights, reviews and specials on YouTube. Active projects can be seen on gobrinz.com.


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