Katherine, who perfers to be called Kathy, is an information designer with a strong passion for individualism, creative freedom, and all things art.She's a designer by day and an animator by night; when she's not working, she doing her own passion projects. Kathy is a perfectionist with a strong eye for detail who's always determined to produce the best work she can possibly make; she never settles for anything less than amazing. Kathy is always wanting to learn more and add more skills to her arsenal, including programming, drawing, playing instruments, and crochet. She loves hearing people's stories and sharing her own; did you know that Kathy went on a road trip from Calgary to Montreal? She is a graphic designer for a local startup business consultant, Fresh Angles Inc, and has worked with many small local business around Calgary, including Avendia Food Market, LCI Imaging Systems, Athennian, JP Arbitration, and Roseto.

Katherine'S PROJECTS