Groove – Mobile App Design

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Project Description

For a digital design class, Elena was tasked with producing a brand identity for a company of her creation with a mockup of a retail app to go along with it. As a lover and collector of vinyl records and anything secondhand, Elena decided to start an app for browsing and purchasing used vinyl. The name groove is a play on words, as vinyl records play by placing the player's needle in the grooves of the record, and of course, music is groovy. The logo features the 'o''s as two vinyl records overlapping. She went for a mixture between retro and modern, using a combination of old and new typefaces and bright, fun colours. In the proposed app, users can browse through all available records, and have the option to filter and sort the records to their specifications. They can then select a record that they are interested in and view more information and photos. Related records are recommended below. If the user chooses to add that album to their cart, they can continue shopping or check out, where they fill in shipping and payment information and complete their purchase. - Graphic Studio
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