Valhalla Pines – Visual Identity

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Project Description

During the summer of 2018, Elena briefly stayed at a small campground & guesthouse called Valhalla Pines near Slocan Lake and Nelson, BC. Upon getting to know the kind owner, he expressed interest in having her design a logo for the campground to be used for signage and marketing. She was intoxicated by the love and thriving beauty present at the campground and wanted to be a part of getting the word out so that more people could experience the wonders it holds. The owner had mentioned he wanted elements of nature included in the visual identity, specifically a pinecone or a tree. Though it is common to see a pinecone in logos, Elena had not seen the growth pattern (seen at the base) used before and I immediately felt that this pattern encompassed the vision she had for the Valhalla Pines identity. She first studied and traced pinecones and images of them, and then digitally rendered the pattern. She felt that the design emulated something sacred; it represented the fascinating mathematical perfection found in nature while captivating the eye, drawing it into an infinite spiral of life and growth.

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